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Physical Exercise for the Busy Employee

I find that some days are so jam-packed with activities, that there’s little time for anything else – including a workout. Between work, family, and social events, there’s no room left in my calendar. I’m completely booked up. But I’ve found that there is sometimes more wiggle room than what appears at first sight and I’ve still found a few ways to get active even on the busiest of days.


My first step is to plan out my week. I schedule my workouts in my google calendar for the days when I have more time. I block out that hour so that other activities can’t be scheduled at that time. It’s reserved just for me – and a much-needed stress-reducing bike ride.

Another idea that has worked for me is to take a walk while taking lunch. A quick 10-minute walk can be refreshing and lets your body move around a little.

I often get off the subway a stop early and get an extra 10-minute morning/evening walk in as well. Including lunch, that’s a 30-minute walk on a day I thought I was too busy to move around.

If I know it’s a busy week for me and I won’t make it to my yoga class, I’ll make sure to take the stairs instead of the elevator.Walking up and down 5 flights of stairs 3 times a day is great for strengthening the leg muscles and a fantastic way to be active!

One step further – though I may not have an hour to workout during the day, I do have 5 minutes each hour. 12 hours later – you’ve done a 60-minute workout without changing your clothes. There’s a lot of ways I do this – pushups and sit-ups (alternating between both), dips and squats (using my office chair), walking up and down the stairs. Anyway, it’s healthy to take 5 minutes away from your computer each hour. Short breaks actually increase productivity! You might look silly, but I’ve learned that after the first few times, people get used to seeing it and it can actually inspire them to do the same

So often we get overwhelmed with the tasks we set for ourselves, but they can be broken down into little bite-sized pieces and still be just as effective.

Elaine Whitt
FitBliss Health Engagement Manager

So what is FitBliss all about?

FitBliss is a millennialized corporate wellness platform. We create a simple & blissful employee experience for innovative workforces! Our clients agree!

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Health Engagement

A Vision, Your Validation, Our Gratitude

This time last year when I left an amazing job to pursue an entrepreneurial journey, I had a vision: Create a healthy workforce to improve productivity & employee engagement around the world.

Questions were: how do I share & execute this vision, and who really cares?

100,000+ minutes & 2,000+ logs later, you’ve progressively helped answer our tabled concerns:

We are living in an era where millenials seek personal fulfillment over a bigger paycheck.

This morning, my father (a baby boomer), said ‘Navid, It’s good to see this change…(I asked why?) The new generation, like you, bring a re-birth for the world.’ A very philosophical answer, dad, and he’s right. When I look around, I see lines at fast food restaurants drying, and lines at farmer’s markets filling. Our culture is willing to pay top-dollar for this lifestyle, but why?

Children of baby boomers, now driving management decisions at the workplace, have seen how their parents lived, the lifestyle, and now heard the stories of ‘what would I have done differently when I was your age.’ Millenials are showing us their feelings through their actions today.

Whether it’s financial, personal, or social, the environment & culture in which we work must support this aspired lifestyle. When there are 2.1B+ users on social platforms, and 3+ hours a day fixated on our smart phones, technology has evolved from being a business enabler to a lifestyle executive assistant.

So today, August 2nd, 2015, the FitBliss Team and I thank the people, the companies, & the supporters, for investing their dollars & resources towards  our executive assistant technology. You’ve made exercising a higher priority in your lives and the reward is a happier day ahead for not just you but everyone you come in contact with, a network effect of bliss.

We promise you this is only the beginning of not only less doctor visits, but more ‘Feel Good’ experiences with colleagues, friends, and family for years to come.

Navid Rastegar
CEO & Founder

So what is FitBliss all about?

Our philosophy: We aim to lower stress at work through active lifestyles, and connect people through a social engagement platform to accomplish individual/team goals! Feel Good. Together.

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