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How to Engage Employees: Power of With

While I was contemplating what to write as the first FitBliss blog entry, I browsed through different channels,, Rand Report, Harvard Business Review Articles, to understand what the ‘experts’ were saying about implementing a corporate wellness solution.

Here’s what I think: financial incentives can back-fire when the motives are “for the employee” rather than with the employee. People understand the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, just do it with them.

Short Example

I’ll give you an example I think we can all relate to one way or another: when I was a child and my parents wanted me to do my homework or help clean the dinner table, they would say: “if you finish your homework you can go play James Bond on your Nintendo 64.”


Of course I did it, and I was very happy! After a week of that incentive, I wanted more… I wanted to play James Bond and I also wanted to go to my neighbor’s house to play together. My parents weren’t happy with my increasing demands and I wasn’t happy with them not obliging!

It was starting to get challenging for them to find a way to show me the value of doing my homework or do my chores because the carrots were becoming unsustainable. And that’s where incentive-based wellness fails

Better approach

Here’s an approach that I really liked from my parents, they started to do homework with me and we washed the dishes together as they would teach me, while doing it with me!

The carrot was non-existent, rather a shared experience was the intrinsic motivator, an intangible that can’t be one-up’d every week by an extrinsic motivator. It became the culture of our family.


Simply put, if we encourage our employers to engage & demonstrate wellness with their employees, we have long-term cultural sustainability (all while saving significant corporate dollars). This makes sense.

Navid Rastegar
FitBliss CEO

Timestamp: August 23rd, 2014 2:40PM

So what is FitBliss all about?

Our philosophy: We aim to lower stress at work through active lifestyles, and connect people through a social engagement platform to accomplish individual/team goals! Feel Good. Together.

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