Health Engagement

A Vision, Your Validation, Our Gratitude

This time last year when I left an amazing job to pursue an entrepreneurial journey, I had a vision: Create a healthy workforce to improve productivity & employee engagement around the world.

Questions were: how do I share & execute this vision, and who really cares?

100,000+ minutes & 2,000+ logs later, you’ve progressively helped answer our tabled concerns:

We are living in an era where millenials seek personal fulfillment over a bigger paycheck.

This morning, my father (a baby boomer), said ‘Navid, It’s good to see this change…(I asked why?) The new generation, like you, bring a re-birth for the world.’ A very philosophical answer, dad, and he’s right. When I look around, I see lines at fast food restaurants drying, and lines at farmer’s markets filling. Our culture is willing to pay top-dollar for this lifestyle, but why?

Children of baby boomers, now driving management decisions at the workplace, have seen how their parents lived, the lifestyle, and now heard the stories of ‘what would I have done differently when I was your age.’ Millenials are showing us their feelings through their actions today.

Whether it’s financial, personal, or social, the environment & culture in which we work must support this aspired lifestyle. When there are 2.1B+ users on social platforms, and 3+ hours a day fixated on our smart phones, technology has evolved from being a business enabler to a lifestyle executive assistant.

So today, August 2nd, 2015, the FitBliss Team and I thank the people, the companies, & the supporters, for investing their dollars & resources towards  our executive assistant technology. You’ve made exercising a higher priority in your lives and the reward is a happier day ahead for not just you but everyone you come in contact with, a network effect of bliss.

We promise you this is only the beginning of not only less doctor visits, but more ‘Feel Good’ experiences with colleagues, friends, and family for years to come.

Navid Rastegar
CEO & Founder

So what is FitBliss all about?

Our philosophy: We aim to lower stress at work through active lifestyles, and connect people through a social engagement platform to accomplish individual/team goals! Feel Good. Together.

Check us out on the Salesforce AppExchange & call us for a demo – (415) 562-8437!


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